There are many different ways in which you can get involved with AfricaNdoto, such as onsite volunteering, becoming a sponsor, running fundraiser campaigns, or remote volunteering. We are currently focused on fulfilling the lower layers of the Maslow Pyramid. Things like hygiene, shelter, nutrition, safety, amongst others are our main focus for the time being.

Onsite Volunteer

AfricaNdoto is looking for volunteers to travel to Tanzania and work on projects such as assisting nursery and primary teachers, educating school management on first-aid, safety, or hygiene. If you have availability to travel to Tanzania, we will be extremely happy to have you onsite working closely with our children at the school, in Arusha. We can also help you arrange your accommodation with a local family for a very affordable price, which will include all your meals.

Projects & Fundraisers

We are looking to raise funds for a variety of different projects and causes. Some of the examples are: to replace all dorms’ mattresses at Capricorn School, to create a fence/wall separating the school from the main road built recently, to refill the new classroom finished on January with furnitures (desks, blackboard…), to buy windows and doors for two new buildings in the school, to plaster and paint 2 buildings unfinished. We have quotations for all of the above and we recommend using the gofundme to raise funds.

Remote Volunteer

Our children come from very unprivileged families who can not afford to take their kids to school. AfricaNdoto is looking for sponsors to pay for 7 years worth of Primary school education at an English school, for approximately $500/year which includes school tuition, school uniforms, accommodation at a dorm, and 4 meals per day.

If you have a passion to help others and want to be part of our tribe, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you in 3-5 business days.