Become a Sponsor

AfricaNdoto’s main mission is to place children raised in unprivileged families in Primary English-speaking educational institutions. The majority of people from Tanzania work in the farming industry and do not have access to a proper education. Having an education will provide them with the ability to speak English, thus having access to a broader rage of options in the labor field. AfricaNdoto works with two educational institutions: Ngarasero Day Care and Capricorn Academy.

Ngarasero is a day care center with the mission to provide shelter to children who are out of school. Kids take basic classes, such as learning the alphabet, signing, learning how to count, … Capricorn Academy is an English speaking school that offers from Nursery eduction, to Primary education.

We offer two sponsoring options to choose from: 

  • Full Sponsorship

  • Partial Sponsorship

Full Sponsorship

Our children come from very unprivileged families who can not afford to take their kids to school. AfricaNdoto is looking for sponsors to pay for 7 years worth of Primary school education at an English school, for approximately $500/year which includes school tuition, school uniforms, accommodation at a dorm, and 4 meals per day.

Partial Sponsorship

If you are not able to afford full sponsorship, or would rather collaborate partially, we also provide the option of partial sponsorship. Please reach out to us and we will provide a set of different options to make it work with your budget needs. Please don’t forget that every tiny bit counts!