Safari Experiences

Africa is one of the best destinations for wilderness lovers. Our Safari experiences include some of the best parks in the country of Tanzania, and we work with local agencies who donate a 20% of their revenue to our projects.

Discover the most extraordinary and untouched African nature on a private 4x4 wheeler, across the valleys of Serengeti, the hidden cracks of the Ngorongoro crater, or the salty waters of the Lake Manyara.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live this amazing experience! Book one of our standard and most common packages, or customize your own according to your needs.

We will also provide recommendations on how to organize your trip around Tanzania, including trips to the islands or to the capital!

AfricaNdoto also provides accommodation to all volunteers at a hostel with an African family. Contact us for an unforgettable and authentic experience!

Here’s a list of our most common Safari packages:

Volunteer Pack

We organize all kinds of Safari excursions for our volunteers, from one day trips, to longer stays. We try to adjust to your needs and budget. This pack includes accommodation at public campsites.

Pack Lodge

This Safari package includes accommodation in a fancier camp, and comes with a private bathroom in a tent or bungalow. It can also be custom made and adapted to your needs.

Tailored Safari

This package is fully customizable! You can add in days, choose which National Parks to visit, add on activities within the itinerary and a lot more! You designed your Safari trip to make your dreams a reality.

Please note that local agencies donate a 20% of the incoming revenue from AfricaNdoto Safaris for projects and children’ education. For booking and inquires send an email to: