In Africandoto our main focus is on three projects in different educational institutions in the Arusha Community in Tanzania


Our main goal is to provide children with access to an education and support their teachers with the tools they need.


We help build, fix and improve essential facilities.


We collaborate with healthcare professionals to insure that the children’s health needs are met.

Our Mission

AfricaNdoto’s mission is to increase the opportunities of those less fortunate children in the Arusha community who cannot access to a quality education, and thus finish their studies in a more egalitarian society within the area. The aim is to provide a safe and pleasant environment to the kids by promoting learning-oriented actions, working on their health-routines, and improve their facilities. 

Thanks to the work of the volunteers and the effort and dedication of all those who are part of this dream, Africandoto will fulfill its objective: Build our own school.

Become a Sponsor

In AfricaNdoto you can sponsor a boy or girl and collaborate by paying the primary school tuition in one of the schools in the northern region of Tanzania. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources to children from vulnerable families to access to school. AfricaNdoto works with certified English-speaking schools with graduate teachers to ensure a quality education.




We currently have 9 sponsors collaborating with the education of kids by paying the school fees in primary schools. Thanks to them, the kids can get a proper education allowing them to have more opportunities in their future! 



AfricaNdoto started working with the local communities around 4 years ago. We are a small team collaborating with schools, day centers and orphanages, and little by little our team is growing.



Through our volunteers’ donations, we’ve been able to build new facilities for the school and day care’s centers, also introduce new strategies to improve  the education, health and security.


You can cooperate with us in many ways. Choose the option that best suits for you! If you want to volunteer, send an email to and tell us a little about who you are and what are your expectations of volunteering. We will help you organizing your trip to Tanzania, where you will participate in different projects and spend time with the children. If what you want is to help us from home, you can also do it! Contact us! 


“Education is the key to the dreams”

Marta Serrano

Get Involved

How would you like to cooperate? You have several options to choose and we’d love to hear new proposals and ideas! 



In Tanzania: We will organize your stay, including the accommodation with a host local family and the workshops you could develop in the projects.

At home: We need all kind of professionals to contribute with the day-to-day of the NGO.


Be part of our construction projects improving the schools, or changing their school material. Whatever you donate goes 100% toward the project! 


Be the sponsor of a kid means give him or her the opportunity to access to English education and the necessary tools to build a future.


Kitchen in Blue Sky School

After building a kitchen for Blue Sky School, and rising 4.000€ through social media and DANONE S.A, the project of AfricaNdoto was born to be able to continue collaborating with some other schools.


Dormitory in Faraja Orphanage

 With the volunteers Myriam and Mireia we could raise funds enough to build a dormitory in Faraja Orphanage.


Ngarasero has a farm!

One of the best ways to provide proteins to kids it is through eggs. AfricaNdoto financed the purchase of 30 chickens, and like this, we could contribute in the self-sufficient of the Day Care Center and we could introduce different diet.


Donation of clothes and school material

Carmen, Lydia and Vero came with 3 extra bags full of clothes and school material provided by them, Carmen Morate and Lorri! THANK YOU GUYS!! 


Collaboration with the volunteers of Rafiki Hostel

A big group of volunteers coming from Rafiki hostel performed a masterclass in Capricorn Academy to all our teachers about first aids. We realized we still have a lot of work to do in this area! But we are really grateful to them and to Farmaadicta for the donation of medicines and knowledge they provide  us!


New Classrooms in Capricorn Academy

With the help of Ester, Anna, Elvira and Mery we could be able to raise funds to build new classrooms for Capricorn. The school needed more space for dormitories, so baby class and pre-primary run out of space being forced to do classes in a home place. Now, they can be back to school with all the rest of the children! THANK YOU GUYS!!! 


Let's paint Ngarasero!

After creating campaigns to collect school material, Fernando, one of our volunteers from Alicante, decided to give a charitable spinning class and with the funds made we could buy paint and renew Ngarasero Day Care together with Eva, his wife, and their two children. It was our first family volunteering program and the experience and feedback were really positive!


Safe playground to play safe (Ngarasero)

Once our volunteers Marta and José landed in Tanzania, they decided their financial campaign will go destinated to fix the playground of Ngarasero day care. In less of the expected the kids had a new safe playground to play around!


Sweet dreams for Capricorn Students

With our volunteers Marina and Nuria we create a crowfounding campaing to change all the matresses in Capricorn Academy, since then, the kids in Capricorn are dreaming big!


A Wall for Capricorn

We like to break walls, and build bridges, but this time was necessary so we could separate the road from the playground of Capricorn Academy. Also we could fix some broken glasses in the bedrooms of the kids.


Different Birthday

Our volunteer and pedagogue Nerea decided that her next birthdays presents will be intended to AfricaNdoto projects, and with her help, we could fix the roof of the dinning room in Ngarasero and together with Barbara manage to set up a new class to take in more baby class children.